Ian is from the state of Vermont. Ian likes to act. Ian currently lives in Brooklyn, New York.

Ian’s love of acting probably initially stemmed from a deep feeling and sense of wanting to be someone else- a chance to be someone different than himself. He found a voice and a home with theater and film. His father and Ian would go weekly to the Showtime Video in the heart of Shelburne, Vermont and get 5 movies for 5 days for $5.99. This experience with his father is one he would probably never trade for anything- and probably helped solidify his love for film and his hatred of late fees.

In another life…Ian might have been a cowboy, a civil war soldier, a World War II attaché, a…

Those years held a lot of wonder. What if I become a doctor? What if I become a musician? A… ?

His father’s side are a long line of engineers- so a lot of James Cameron and Cronenberg were in order, with the occasional Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid or The Good, The Bad and the Ugly peppered in. His mom added the heart with the Terms of Endearments, the Stand By Mes, and the Coal Miner’s Daughters.

There is still something about a lion’s roar or an orchestral crescendo with a spinning globe.

With Bonnie Raitt’s “Something to Talk About” playing in the background, Ian learned the lyrics to “We Both Reached for the Gun” and Oberon’s soliloquies.

With “Yes We Can” chanting in the background, Ian received a B.A. in Film Studies and Production at Hofstra University. Somewhere someone was drinking another’s milkshake.

Ian studied Meisner Technique with Terry Knickerbocker at the William Esper Studio and went on to train Voice and Speech with Shane-Ann Younts. Both of whom he credits to have shaped and matured his technique to be the actor he is today.

Ian uses his practiced craft to tell others’ stories by opening himself as a vessel to allow the character’s motivations- hopes, fears, love, confusion, and its origins- to come through his voice, gestures, movements, pace and silences.

Working with colleagues that believe that deeply understanding the character’s history and that collaboration and vulnerability are needed in order to create a moment in time where the story comes through us is something Ian strives to do in his professional life.

Ian holds many film and theater credits, has a fun-loving dog named Tecumseh and likes to watch Paul Newman movies in his downtime.